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Hey there, I’m Jill – and welcome to my internet home!

I help families moving from a major city to the suburbs.

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I’m an interior designer, wife, mom (to two delightful humans and 2 adorable fur babies), and a total homebody

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I believe your home should be the place you want to be when you don’t feel good and the place you want to be when you do feel good. 

Home is where we lounge in our mismatched pajamas on day 3 of dry shampoo (no shame!) It’s where we make memories, raise kids, host family celebrations, laugh too loud, sing off-key, cook pasta, spill pasta sauce – and everything in-between. 

In my first-generation Italian family, home meant love. It was a place for our family, friends and neighbors to gather—typically over heaping forkfuls of pasta and warm crusty bread. 

Since you’re here, consider yourself “mi famiglia” – aka: family.

And because you’re family, you can expect a designer who will take the time to curl up and listen, truly understand your vision for your home, and find collaborative solutions so that your home looks and feels like YOU. 

Make no mistake, I’ll never be that annoying sibling who tries to impose my vision on you. I’m also not the designer who turns your home into a shrine—causing heart attacks over spilled juice, or neck pain from pretty-yet-painfully-uncomfortable furnishings.

Here it’s all about you and your family


If you’re ready to break bread together,
here are some ways to get started:


Ready for a redesign, but feel completely overwhelmed with the choices and unsure about your budget? Take a deep breath and download my free Planner. Download the planner, crack it open, and binge it like a Netflix series.

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Let’s have a 15-minute virtual coffee chat where you can spill all your design dreams & woes, and I’ll happily listen. Book your chat here.

Let’s make your home a place you want to come back to every single time.
From my home to yours


Want to redesign your home? 


You can do this. You can afford it. You will feel good about it. 

When working with me, you’ll find a completely collaborative, non-judgmental and welcoming space. Just like coming home

accessorize your home
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Coffee tables, consoles, beds, mantles, bookcases and sofas. 

These items are often the centerpieces of our space, but just like an expensive cashmere sweater, if you don’t add some chunky bracelets or a colorful scarf – that piece will never pop

Ready to Make Your Dreams Happen?
Let’s make your home a place you want to come back to every single time.