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I’m Jill, and welcome to my internet home.

I’m your Down to Earth Designer™ ~ I’m here to help you design your home without the intimidation and stress. Let’s Get Real!

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Welcome to Jill Kalman Interiors

where we design for your real life

Here, you won’t find rooms saved for special occasions, overly fussy “window treatments,” or pretentious (and impractical) design trends. 

Instead, our professional design services and resources will help you discover your style, design for your life, and decorate for your taste. 

My down-to-earth approach and designs for real life meet you where you are.

Let’s make sure your home is always your favorite place to come back to, every single time. I offer a range of design services to meet your needs. 


Ready for a redesign, but feel completely overwhelmed with the choices and unsure about your budget? Take a deep breath and download my free Planner. Download the planner, crack it open, and binge it like a Netflix series.


Looking to hire a designer that can help you create a space where you and your family can thrive? Check out my ROOM Design Service. I remove all the overwhelm, drama, and costly mistakes from the design process. Full bliss ahead


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Let’s make your home a place you want to come back to every single time.
From my home to yours


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You can do this. You can afford it. You will feel good about it.
When working with me, you’ll find a completely collaborative, non-judgmental and welcoming space. Just like coming home

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Coffee tables, consoles, beds, mantles,
bookcases and sofas.

These items are often the centerpieces of our space, but just like an expensive cashmere sweater, if you don’t add some chunky bracelets or a colorful scarf – that piece will never pop

Ready to Make Your Dreams Happen?
Let’s make your home a place you want to come back to every single time.