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Welcome to my potluck episode, where I have a little bit of something for everybody! On today’s episode, you’ll hear me share about my approach to design, some ways to foster your creativity and sense of accomplishment through DIY, my thoughts on the current supply chain issues and what you can do to minimize the impact on your design plans – plus so much more! 

My accessory course has finally launched! In this course I reveal my secrets, tips and tricks in a simple video course that’s broken up into modules. This will give you the resources, solutions, and really quick wins at an affordable price – all with direction from me. To grab it you can go to my website at https://jillkalmaninteriors.com/, or click the link in my Instagram bio, at https://www.instagram.com/jillkalmaninteriors/

I’m excited to announce that I have the perfect service for you called R.O.O.M (which stands for “Remove the Overwhelm and Overcome the Move One Room at a Time”). With this service you can tackle one room, or you can tackle 9. This result-driven digital service is available in bundles, and I want to meet you where you are in your purchasing path to buy things are get your home furnished beautifully. If you think you’re overwhelmed and need some customized guidance from a pro, R.O.O.M is for you! For more details and to get started, reach out to me on my website at https://jillkalmaninteriors.com/ or DM me on Instagram, http://instagram.com/jillkalmaninteriors.

As mentioned at the end of this episode, you can also go to https://jillkalmaninteriors.com/ to my great new Room Planner freebie that I have for you!

I’m proud to announce that Welcome Home to the Suburbs has been listed in Feedspot’s Top 25 Moving Podcasts You Must Follow in 2021! To view the entire list of shows featured, visit https://blog.feedspot.com/moving_podcasts/

What You’ll Learn from this Episode: 

  • My approach on design, and the premise of meeting you where you are to make your home beautiful [1:36]
  • The catalyst that made me feel a deep connection to all things design [5:25]
  • Ways to foster your creativity and sense of accomplishment through DIY, and how I integrate this philosophy into my own offers [10:18]
  • The impact of the current supply chain bottleneck and how to prepare yourself to have a “Plan B” [14:25]
  • How to tackle being intimidated by the extra space that exists in your home, and tips for designing that area [25:00]
  • I break the myth of needing to design your entire home all at once in order to have a cohesive and flowing space [27:50]

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