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I grew up in Maine to a proud Italian father who made spaghetti sauce every Sunday morning and to an inspiring, antique-auctioneering mother with the best taste. Watching as the two built a business together, I was enchanted by my parents' love for entrepreneurship. From an early age, I began to see what my place in the world would be: somewhere at the crossroads of family, business and design.

After years in corporate marketing roles for NYC-based luxury brands like Tiffany & Co. and Neiman Marcus, I decided to move to Westport, Connecticut with my husband, where we had a family of our own. Navigating my role as a mother, wife, daughter and homemaker, I quickly realized a recurring excitement over an evolving hobby that very much stemmed from my childhood: interior design.

My practice, fueled by both passion and years of education, is a marriage between art, the science of space and the sociology of family. I am a family girl, and I am a family designer. Whether my clients have 5 or 45 year old children, each home I design represents a family story. With a focus on contemporary classic design, I mix old and new, earthy tones and bright colors, simplicity and luxury, reality and fantasy - all with the purpose of bringing your family story to life.



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