About Me

Interior Designer | Wife | Mom | Really Good Cook | Obsessed With My Home

Hi, I’m Jill Kalman

I believe that home is the most special place on Earth - the place that represents your family story.

My family story

I grew up in Maine in a first-generation Italian family

If you’re from the Northeast, you know that means a big pot of Sunday gravy was cooking on the stove with Italian opera blaring in the background. It also means that home was where we all gathered – family, friends, neighbors, the mailman – everyone invited over was considered “family.”

My childhood home was cozy & livable yet stylish and stunning. 

My family was in the antiques and auction business, and we filled our home with exquisite treasures. But the best part was that nothing in our home was untouchable. The kids weren’t stuffed into a room, forbidden to step near mom’s antique glassware. Everyone could lounge and run and play and feel at home. 

Growing up like this influenced my approach to design and my desire to recreate the security and joy of coming home for my clients. 

Decades later, I realized that design was inherent in my DNA. I tapped into that hidden passion and launched my second career as an interior designer. The premise always being that no matter what size your budget or space, you can and should have beautiful surroundings that comfort you.

My grandmother had a beautiful, comforting home on a shoestring budget, and my mother embodied a natural style and flair that could turn lemons into lemonade. These great influences taught me how to find a stylish deal at TJ Maxx or Marshalls. Design, at my core, comes from a place of being “down-to-earth” about it, and ditching the pretense. 

How we design our homes has completely changed since I started in this industry over 15 years ago.

The mix of social media, access to really great furniture and fixtures, and the DIY movement have democratized good design – turning everyday homeowners into Instagram stars, showing off their great taste.

I’ve adjusted my approach to meet my clients right where you are. In addition, my range of services allows you to choose how hands-on you want to be in the implementation process.

My nickname is the “Down-to-Earth” designer because I design real spaces for real people – without the pomp and circumstance (aka stress and $$$) that the traditional design industry is known for.

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