About Me

Interior Designer | Wife | Mom | Really Good Cook | Obsessed With My Home

Hi, I’m Jill Kalman

I believe that home is the most special place on Earth - the place that represents your family story.

My family story? 

I grew up in Maine in a first-generation Italian family. If you’re from the Northeast, you know that means a big pot of Sunday gravy was cooking on the stove with Italian opera blaring in the background. It also means that home was where we all gathered – family, friends, neighbors, the mailman – everyone invited over was considered “family.”

My childhood home was cozy & livable, yet stylish and stunning. My family was in the antiques and auction business, and we filled our home with exquisite treasures. But the best part was that nothing in our home was untouchable. The kids weren’t stuffed into a room, forbidden to step near mom’s antique glassware. Everyone could lounge and run and play and feel at home. 

I carried the power of home with me as I grew up – even at college when I made that prison cell they call a “dorm room” feel like home. My greatest challenge to date. 


Today, I live in Connecticut with my husband, two daughters, and two dogs – Biscuit and Cece. 

I get to live my passion every single day – designing cohesive, beautiful homes that are a reflection of my client and their family. 

Just like you, I want a space that I’m excited & delighted to come home to. A place where I can kick back and relax, race around with my kids and dogs, and easily tidy up the winter coats and summer shoes. A place where I can feel happy and calm, and that makes life feel a little bit (or a lot) easier. 

If that sounds like a complete and utter dream, then head on over here to explore how we can work together.

 If you still want to read & roll around a bit, here are some fun facts about me: