E-Design is Here to Stay with Molly Cody
Ep 92 E-Design is Here to Stay

Today, I want to talk about what I was frustrated by with design. The intimidation, the overwhelm, the thought that design services are expensive (and more!) is what I’ve heard for years, but a few years back I had a lightbulb moment and embraced online and virtual design services, or “E-design.” In this episode, you’re not only going to hear about my pivot to this business model and why I wanted to do it, but the amazing Molly Cody is with me to share her thoughts on why E-design is here to stay! 

Molly Cody is ranked as one of Kansas City’s top-8 interior designer. She has a wealth of experience in real estate, remodeling, short-term rentals, interior furnishing and styling. With her expertise in e-design, she has successfully serviced clients in over 13 states.

Molly’s passion for interiors began at a young age, as she purchased her first house at 24 and went on to own property in 4 states by the age of 30. Her interior showmanship and minor cosmetic upgrades resulted in one of her personal homes selling for $100k more than the original purchase price. She is intentional in her designs, putting function first and incorporating neutrals and cohesion in every project. Her current passion project is a short-term rental in eastern TN to be called “Turtle Dove Treehouse”.

Whether you are a designer, homeowner or real estate investor, I hope you enjoyed this episode with Molly and that it helped explain why E-design is a such a viable way to design a home! 

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • The “lightbulb moment” for me and what I realized about the business model most designers are using
  • Why E-design services are just as popular now after the pandemic, and how my digital room service was born
  • The impact my upbringing and past work experiences has had on my “down to earth” and customer-centric approach as a designer
  • What my new Solutions Design Microsession is all about and what you can expect from it
  • Why Molly and I both feel that E-design is here to stay and growing everyday 
  • Who E-design is and isn’t good for
  • Deliverables that can be offered by E-design that in-person designers may not provide 
  • The main benefits of E-design versus in-person design services
  • Our thoughts on AI and the effects it could have on e-design
  • The way that Molly is combining real estate and short terms rentals with E-design 
  • The impact that curated design plan with have on your bookings and prices as a short-term rental host 
  • Some valuable advice from Molly for rental property owners 

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