Empty Rooms in Your House? Heres’ the Solution!
Image of empty room along with the word for episode 82 of the Welcome Home to the Suburbs podcast titled , Empty Rooms in Your House? Heres' the Solution!

Do you have empty rooms in your home, and you’re getting stressed and overwhelmed at just the thought of decorating them? Not to worry, it’s really about mind over matter more than you think! I wanted to dedicate an episode to something that runs through my philosophy on design to help make the process of decorating those empty rooms as fun and stress-free as possible, and you’re going to want to grab my free ROOM Planner (Remove Overwhelm Overcome the Move) at https://jillkalmaninteriors.com/home-planner-sign-up/ as you embark on this project!

Want a fun way to level up your home quickly?? My accessory course is here for you! In this course I reveal my secrets, tips and tricks in a simple video course that’s broken up into modules. This will give you the resources, solutions, and really quick wins at an affordable price – all with direction from me. To grab it you can go to my website at https://jillkalmaninteriors.com/, or click the link in my Instagram bio, at https://www.instagram.com/jillkalmaninteriors/.

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  • A closer look at a model that I learned in business coaching that can apply to decorating your house, along with anything in life
  • Where people often get stuck with pricing and budgeting, and something you can do right now to establish a benchmark to follow
  • How to approach devising a plan if you need a bigger budget for what you want to do in your home
  • What I tell people when they say that they don’t know their style
  • A breakdown of the TFAR model and why I believe so strongly that decorating is all about your thoughts
  • A service I offer where you get access to me, along with a plan to execute on your own

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