Episode #12: Financial Planning and Your Home with Dan Hinz

Has just the thought all the financial considerations that come with purchasing a home stressed you and your partner out? Are you not sure where to even begin, or what to talk about when making big purchases? Planning is key, and today’s expert guest Dan Hinz is here to provide the framework to make this process so much easier, stress-free, and enjoyable.

Dan is a financial coach and the founder of Adulting With Money, where he helps engaged couples and newlyweds learn how to adult with money, together. He offers multiple coaching programs and resources to help his clients get on the same page with their finances, in order to find a better way to handle their money.

In this episode, you’ll learn why finances are such an important piece of the overall puzzle when purchasing or designing a home, and how to begin constructing the plan that will get you and your partner the home of your dreams. Not only will Dan’s strategies bring you closer to living in your ideal home, but they can also help you achieve any financial goal that you desire.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How your overall financial goals and dreams are related to home ownership

  • Helpful tips and tricks for developing healthy money habits

  • What pre-planning conversations should look like, and what can’t happen if you and your partner don’t do this step

  • How to set a budget for purchasing and/or furnishing a home, and what to consider when determining this number

  • The importance of compromise and an example of how a couple Dan worked with accomplished this

  • Why flexibility is needed (even once you have set a financial plan)

  • Where or money beliefs come from, and the role that they will play in your spending habits as an adult

  • Dan’s best advice for approaching the “money conversation” as a couple