Episode #14: Let Your Home Work For You With Smart Technology with Chris Barre

With home technology and the features advancing so quickly, I wanted to bring an expert on the podcast to talk about the amazing things that you can have in your home, and the ways you can easily improve your current home system.

Chris Barre is a Technology Design Expert with Smart Home and Theatre Systems, based in Connecticut. Chris looks at their customers’ needs and wants, and then designs systems based on the best use of the space, within their allocated budget. He has specialized training in the Crestron Residential System, which you’ll hear about in this episode, and he’s been a part of the Smart Home team for 9 years now. With an engineer on staff and a team of design professionals, Smart Home works from the beginning stages of design right through completion.

As I’ve mentioned before on the podcast, our homes are so central to our lives and the lives of our families, especially in this day and age. Why not have your home be “smart” and operating at its maximum functionality? Today you’ll find out how you can make some incredible changes to your new or existing home, and simplify your life while gaining peace of mind in the process. The best part is that it may not be as difficult to do as you had thought!

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What a true smart home is and the advanced technology that is available to homeowners today

  • The very first thing to look at when considering upgrading your home’s systems

  • How the increased number of people working from home is impacting these systems

  • The big trends Chris is seeing in audio and visual, and what to consider if you’re looking to add these features to your home

  • Some ways that you can maximize the outdoor spaces on your property

  • What are the logistics involved for upgrading or replacing systems in your current home

  • The biggest benefits to having a smart home, and so much more