Episode #16: Creative (and Simple!) Ways to Use Lighting At Home with Staci Ruiz

Do you feel in the dark when it comes to lighting? Lighting design can be very complicated and tricky, and it’s gotten even more difficult to master as the years have gone by with all the advancements in the marketplace. Having somebody like today’s expert guest to guide you, whether you are building a new home or need to adapt lighting in your existing space, is a critical piece to getting it done right.

Stacy Ruiz is a lighting expert and consultant based in New York, and she has been in the industry now for 33 years. She specializes in lighting design, specifications, and installation, and she offers a unique vision to each job she completes while communicating between all teams involved in the project.

As you’ll hear from Staci today, utilizing the expertise and skills of a lighting professional can make all the difference in the world, whether you are a tradesperson, realtor, homeowner, or interior designer like myself. Staci is a tremendous resource in her field and I am so excited to be bringing her to the podcast today to share her perspectives with you.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • The ways that Staci focuses on curating the market, and staying on top of the many new lighting options and applications available

  • Some of the different ways to get creative with lighting, including using ambient lighting, light layering, task lighting and more

  • Why Staci says that showrooms just can’t keep up with the fast-changing industry, and what she does to keep up with the current specifications in architecture design

  • How you can integrate dimming systems into your home, and logistically what that would look like for you

  • The differences between planning your lighting system in a new build versus an existing house

  • Tips and strategies to illuminate artwork effectively

  • Why it’s important to realize that outdoor lighting is more than just task lighting and that you can change the way your outdoor space is illuminated