Episode #21: From Working on Wall Street to Suburban Mom

Are you moving from the city to the suburbs, and feeling a little overwhelmed about leaving the hustle, bustle, and bright lights for something slower and quieter? Or maybe you’re already settling into life in the suburbs, and are having some trouble adjusting to the move? You’re not alone, and today’s guest Alexis Gold is going to share her very candid (and sometimes funny experiences) doing this exact thing!

Alexis just started a new column on an Instagram account I follow, @suburbs101, and her essays just grab you from the beginning. There she talks all about her transition from working on Wall Street to moving to the suburbs and being a full-time mom to her three children.

So if you’re wondering what it’s really like to go from a fast-paced life in the city to life in the suburbs, you’re going to get a firsthand account in this episode from someone who knows what it’s all about. Enjoy!

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What leaving the city and moving to the suburbs looked like for Alexis, and the struggles she initially had with this big decision

  • How having a sense of community in the suburbs has helped her combat the longing for the city life

  • Her reflections on what it might have been like with three children in the city, now that they are in school

  • Why it is so important to find a designer that fits you, and Alexis’ personal experience with designers that she’s worked with

  • What you think you want may not be accurate when considering renting, and why giving yourself time and space during this process is truly a gift