Episode #22: Permission To Think Totally Different About Your Home

Did you know that if something isn’t working for you, it’s usually because of your thinking? This can also be true if the thing that isn’t working is your house, or parts of your house. In this solo episode I’m giving permission to think totally different about your home and the spaces within it, and my hope is that this episode can help release you from those mental blocks that are stopping you from really live the best life you can in your new home.

Not only will you hear examples of how my clients have been able to do this by shifting their perspectives when it comes to decorating their homes, but you’re also going to hear some small changes I’ve made in my own home that has made all the difference for me and my family. Remember, if the most beautiful design doesn’t work for you, then it’s not a great design!

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Where the desire to seek approval is coming from, and a way that you can start freeing your mind from this right now

  • Why decorating your home based on how you feel is something that I strongly recommend

  • What to do if items from your former home just don’t work in your new space

  • My own thought process for putting a room together

  • And so much more!