Episode #25: The Suburban Kitchen: Appliances and Planning with Ria Rueda

If you’re moving from the city to the suburbs, you probably will have a much bigger kitchen than you had before. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s more efficient though, and there’s so much to consider when it comes to kitchen design and layout. This is why I’m so excited to be speaking with our expert guest Ria Rueda today, and she has so much good advice and insight to share about kitchens, cooking, what’s new in appliances and so much more.

Ria is a lifestyle public relations executive and is currently the Brand Ambassador of The Monogram Design Center at Aitoro Appliance in Norwalk, CT (and you’re going to hear all about the wonderful features and benefits of the Monogram line of appliances in this episode). She has extensive experience in the industry, handling launches and promotions of some of the world’s most respected luxury and consumer product brands. Ria began her career working in several top LA-based lifestyle PR agencies, and she later transitioned to an in-house position with Mattel, managing campaigns for products such as Barbie. She relocated to Connecticut in 2003 and is a foodie at heart, motivated by a passion for local cuisine and a compulsion to keep up with local food trends.

Even if you don’t live in our local area, I think you’ll get a lot of useful information from what Ria shares today, and the big takeaway I got was that a bigger space isn’t necessarily a better space when it comes to kitchens. The possibilities for this room are endless, and with people being home more during this global pandemic and most likely spending more time in the kitchen, I’m looking forward to talking more about cooking next week. I hope to see you back here again to join me!

What You’ll Learn from this Episode: 

  • Ria’s background and experience in the industry, and what has led her to becoming part of the Aitoro group

  • What are the latest trends in kitchen appliance design features and functions, and how you can start looking at your kitchen differently

  • Some things to consider when moving from a city setting to a suburban setting and setting up a new kitchen

  • How the Monogram line differs from other products and some of the innovative features that it offers

  • Final thoughts on choosing appliances and why we both believe the possibilities for kitchen design are endless