Episode #26: Cooking Is Way Easier Than You Ever Thought Possible! With Natasha Bull

Are you one of those people that just hate to cook? Maybe you think you can’t cook, or you just don’t want to be bothered with doing it? Then this episode is for you, as my guest and I will be breaking it down and showing you why cooking is way easier than you ever thought possible!  Plus cooking can be a whole lot of fun and really enjoyable for not only the person doing the cooking but the family who is enjoying the meal creations.

Today I have with me Natasha Bull of Salt & Lavender, and if you haven’t seen her Instagram yet you’re going to want to follow her! Natasha has a huge following on the platform and she is an amazing Canadian-based recipe developer and food photographer. Natasha is passionate about creating easy-to-follow recipes that anyone can use to make a quick and delicious meal, and she has created hundreds of them since Salt & Lavender’s inception in late 2015.

Part of the reason why I have Natasha on the show today is to take away the mystery of cooking, especially if you’re moving from the city to the suburbs where more cooking may be taking place. Natasha’s recipes are not only tasty, but they’ve been inspiring me in coming up with new meals for my family. I hope this conversation helps you too, and the big takeaway really is that cooking doesn’t have to be difficult, and often it’s the simplest foods that taste the best!

What You’ll Learn from this Episode: 

  • Natasha’s philosophy on cooking, and the impact that the pandemic has had on her social media following and engagement

  • Where she gets the inspiration for the incredible recipes that she makes

  • Natasha’s own “go to” recipes, plus her advice on herbs, spices and ingredients that are always useful to have on hand

  • The way that cooking brings people together, and our best tips for when entertaining others in your home

  • Why you really don’t need the fanciest tools and gadgets in your kitchen to cook fantastic recipes