Episode #28: Circumstances Don’t Create Feelings (Our Thoughts Do) with Tobi Fairley

Did you know that most of your thoughts aren’t even true? In this episode you’re going to meet my business coach Tobi Fairley, and she shares more about how we can become aware of, and then shift these thoughts, as we make more conscious choices about what’s possible in our lives and businesses.

I’ve been working with Tobi for a couple of years now, and let me tell you, she is amazing! Tobi is a certified master life coach and award-winning interior designer, as well as being a business consultant with over a decade of experience helping high-achieving creative professionals take their companies and their lives to the next level. When Tobi is not running her two 7-figure businesses, she is busy leading an online membership community for ambitious professionals, called DesignYou. If you want to hear more from Tobi and get more incredible insights from her, she also hosts her own podcast, The Design You Podcast.

This conversation with Tobi shows how critical it is to become aware of your thoughts, and when you realize that most of the stories that we tell ourselves aren’t even true, it’s mind-blowing! As you know, moving from the city to the suburbs comes with a lot of different thoughts and stories, and I hope this episode helps you realize that it really is up to you to choose the thoughts you think, and to change your perspective in order to change your reality.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode: 

  • How when experiencing a big change or shift, our mindset is determining the outcome

  • What to do to begin moving on from the feeling of mourning and loss

  • Ways to change your mindset about not getting your home furnished and make a plan, plus Tobi’s own experience with her home

  • How our homes support each of us, and the ways that this year in particular has really shown this

  • The steps to take to begin reframing your own future – right now