Are you ready to have a little fun today? So often, including on this podcast, we talk about the challenges faced when moving from the city to suburban life. There are many obstacles involved, but what I have found is they can lead to negative thinking around the experience. What I want to do in this episode is to help you make a mindset shift around these challenges, because these hurdles can (and should) be overcome. Ultimately the move you make and everything that comes with it should be as light, exciting and fun as possible, so let’s do this!

P.S. Stay tuned as in the very near future I’ll be bringing you an interview with another designer, and we’ll be talking all about what to look for in a designer, what services that person can provide you, whether or not hiring one is the right move for you, and so much more!

To get my FREE Welcome Home Planner that I mentioned in this episode, go to https://jillkalmaninteriors.com/planner, and you can get all the resources I talked about today (and more) at https://jillkalmaninteriors.com/!

What You’ll Learn from this Episode: 

  • Some important things I’ve noticed in years of working with clients, and that motivated me to record this episode

  • What I mean when I say to “have fun” with this entire experience

  • A common misconception people have around moving, plus the magic that can happen when you break this belief

  • The step-by-step process for reframing the “rules” and getting past the challenges

  • What happens for me when I open up to creativity and embrace the process