Episode #33: Festive Feels Good! With Caryn Fleming

How would you like to hear some great tips and tricks for having a really stylish holiday in your home? In this episode we are talking all things winter décor! Our expert guest has always been obsessed with interiors, specializing in changing her environment from season-to-season, which makes her the ideal guest to bring you today.

Caryn Fleming founded Curated Life to satisfy her styling obsession, and as she says, to nest at our best sometimes takes a professional (and I agree)! Living and working in fashion all of her life, Curated Life is the natural evolution of Caryn’s brand of lifestyle styling.

I’ve known Caryn for quite some time now, and I’m so happy to have her join me on the podcast. She has a wonderful sense of style, and in this episode she reveals some amazing ways to make things festive right now for the holidays (and for the winter that is before us)!

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode: 

  • Tips for having fresh Holiday décor, starting from the outside and moving in

  • Table scopes or setting ideas you can use this holiday season

  • Why invest in heritage pieces that have staying power will pay dividends in the long run

  • Some new and trending color pallets to try

  • The reasons that you don’t have to be confined by your traditions, and ways you can add to them with style

  • More on “winter décor” that can stay all winter