Episode #36: How to Avoid the Overwhelm Furnishing a New Home

It’s 2021, and now what the best way is to start off a new year? It’s by making plans! In this episode, I’ll be talking about the most common problem that I hear from people who are making the move from the city to the suburbs. There’s a way to overcome this though, and I’ll be sharing how I can help each and every one of you solve this problem!

I’m excited to announce that I have the perfect service for you called R.O.O.M (which stands for “Remove the Overwhelm and Overcome the Move One Room at a Time”). With this service you can tackle one room, or you can tackle 9. This result-driven digital service is available in bundles, and I want to meet you where you are in your purchasing path to buy things are get your home furnished beautifully. If you think you’re overwhelmed and need some customized guidance from a pro, R.O.O.M is for you! For more details and to get started, reach out to me on my website at https://jillkalmaninteriors.com/ or DM me on Instagram, http://instagram.com/jillkalmaninteriors!

As mentioned at the end of this episode, you can go to https://jillkalmaninteriors.com/ to get some great freebies I have for you, including my Mini Moving Guide and Welcome Home Planner! As well, My Welcome Home Moving Organizer available for just $29, and it’s designed with EVERYTHING you need to move (which is why I say that it’s “the moving organizer that you can’t live without)!

Finally, I have an exciting announcement that I want to share with listeners of the podcast. Next month I will be launching my digital course, Style & Accessorize Your Home in a NY Minute! In this course I’ll be revealing my secrets, tips and tricks in a simple video course that’s broken up into modules. This will give you the resources, solutions and really quick wins at an affordable price – all with direction from me. To get on the waitlist and to be the first to know (as well as quality for the special introductory price offer), go to http://jillkalmaninteriors.com/course-waitlist, or you can find details on my Instagram Profile as well.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode: 

  • The most common problem that I see people encountering when moving, and how it can be overcome

  • Why I believe so strongly that we all should have houses that serve us

  • Exercises and essential questions to ask looking to furnish your new home

  • The way that you can use your mindset to eliminate the overwhelm associated with a move

  • What my own planning process for this new year has looked like, and the benefits that I am seeing already by implementing it

  • How our home surroundings truly impact our overall well-being

  • An exciting way for us to work together this year to help you set your home up the way you want it