Episode #9: How to Use Fabrics to Express Yourself with Crans Baldwin

I believe that textiles can inspire an entire room. There are so many wonderful fabrics in the world and by understanding and using them properly, we can create a home that serves as a true reflection of ourselves. And who better to talk all things fabric with than today’s guest, Crans Baldwin!

Principal of Crans Baldwin LLC, Crans has spent his entire career in the interior furnishings industry, bringing an extensive depth of experience to both the companies he represents and the designers he works with. Crans joins me today to talk about how we can use fabrics as a means of bringing joy to the home, and how working with a designer will enable you to express your individuality.

Tune in this week where we’ll discuss why knowing your fabrics can help you keep furniture that lasts longer and maintains its place in the family home for years to come. We’ll consider how trends come and go and why it’s so important that we understand exactly what we’re putting into our homes. Fabrics can be so fun, and in a time like this, it’s even more important to have something you love in your home!

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why understanding the fabrics you use in your home can maintain them for longer.

  • The importance of research and knowledge as a consumer.

  • Why your home should reflect real life.

  • How the coronavirus may affect your interior design choices.

  • Why asking the right questions could save you money.

  • The importance of working with an interior designer.

Listen to the Full Episode: