From Heirloom to Art with Shana Novak
from heirloom to art

Feeling sentimental? If so, you’re going to want to listen to what today’s guest, Shana
Novak (aka “The Heirloomist”) has to say! In this episode, she reveals how to preserve
your cherished memories in the most artful way, and as a sentimentalist myself, I was
very excited to learn from Shana.

Shana Novak is an established commercial still life photographer based in New York
City. She has collaborated with brands such as Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, Rolling
Stone, and Time magazine. As The Heirloomist, Shana brings a mix of professional
polish and heart to her craft ensuring that every client is treated to an expert level of
quality and visual storytelling. In April 2024, The Heirloomist will welcome her first
book, 100 Treasures and the Stories They Tell, published by Chronicle Books, and you
can pre-order your copy at!

I just love how Shana captures personal belongings and sentimental things in a way
that you can really enjoy, instead of keeping them tucked away in a box, basement, or
drawer. What she shares today shows that you can bring your items to life in a way that
they truly can be enjoyed as a piece of art!
We want to hear what resonated with you the most from our conversation and how you
plan to turn your memories into works of art! You can DM or tag us on Instagram,
@jillkalmaninteriors and @theheirloomist.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode: 

  • How The Heirloomist brings heart into still life photography
  • The ways in which your past, present and future can all be celebrated through
  • How you can approach turning your heirlooms into artwork
  • Why a focus on dimension is key in this process
  • What you can do to support your local framer for a true piece of art
  • What Shana’s upcoming book, and the concept of 100 Treasures and the Stories They Tell is all about

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