Making a Home with Katie from Stripes and Whimsy

There’s no one more versed at moving than a military family, and today’s special guest knows this very well! In this episode, I’m joined by Katie Vail of the blog Stripes and Whimsy, and we talk all things moving – not just locations, but also what to consider with the style of home you are moving to. She also reveals why DIY takes guts, and you’ll learn why Katie says, “don’t wait around for your husband for this stuff!”

Katie Vail is an Army Veteran turned style, decorating, and lifestyle blogger based in the DC area.  On her blog, Stripes and Whimsy, she shares classic yet affordable style ideas, decorating tips, and home and furniture DIYs. Her style is timeless and classic and she loves to mix highs, lows, and thrifted finds in her outfits and home.

I loved having this conversation with Katie, and if something we discussed resonated with you, we want to hear about it! You can DM Katie on Instagram, @stripesandwhimsy, and as always, I can be reached @jillkalmaninteriors.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Katie’s unique journey from the army to what she does today
  • How we both share a love for thrifting and the way this shows up for Katie
  • What she means by “DIY takes guts!”
  • Katie talks about moving often and her insights from living in very different architectural surroundings
  • How to let go of the things that may not be serving you or your home
  • Why you can raise a family and still have beautiful things in a beautiful home
  • The importance of realizing that every piece has a story

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