Organizing Can Be Joyful with Mustard Made

In today’s episode, my special guest reveals how organizing can indeed be joyful, by using the versatile and stylist lockers from her amazing startup company, Mustard Made. 

Becca Stern is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Mustard Made, a homeware brand known for its colorful range of vintage-inspired metal lockers. Becca launched the company in collaboration with her sister Jess in 2018, and they have grown the brand into a thriving global startup spanning 3 continents, with a team of 14 people. 

As you’ll hear in this conversation, I’m such a huge fan of Mustard Made’s lockers, because they have so many uses in the house. With so many styles, and the ability to fit anywhere in your home, what’s not to like about these gorgeous products? 

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode: 

    • The story behind starting Mustard Made and what makes their lockers so popular with so many people
    • What the “art of joyful organizing” is all about 
    • The versatility and many application choices of Mustard Made lockers
    • What I love about the Mustard Made color palette
    • How to get your hands on your very own Mustard Made lockers [don’t forget to use the special promo code – WELCOMEHOME10 – for your discount!]

Featured on the Show: *Code “WELCOMEHOME10” for 10% off

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