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Home, the spot of the earth supremely blest, a dearer, sweeter spot than all the rest.
— Robert Montgomery

What does home mean to you?

In its most simplistic terms, home is shelter. But have you ever heard yourself say, "I feel at home here"?

At the center of that sentence is a sense of belonging. A deep connection. A bind that we all crave.

The work we do at Jill Kalman Interiors is a constant celebration of the love that exists between human and home. Home is a part of our core. Life can be stressful, but home is THE place for our families - no matter the size, shape or form - to exist almost effortlessly. 

Home is where we look forward to returning after vacation. Where we lay our wet hair on comfy plush pillows after a long day.

Home is where we lounge in our mismatching pajamas. It's where we sing off pitch. It's where we hug and canoodle for extended periods of time.

Home is the nucleus of our lives. It’s not just a roof over our head. It’s where we make memories, raise our kids, have family celebrations, laugh too loud with friends, cook for nourishment and for pleasure, retreat, relax, unwind.

It represents what we love: our tastes, our hobbies, our travels, our moments.

I believe that home should be the most special place on earth. The place that represents your family story. The place you can't wait to come back to. Every. Single. Time.