If you’ve ever searched for the words to describe your ideal home design aesthetic, find your answer here! 

Truth: Very few people are ALL IN on one style. What makes you and your home comfortable, unique, and inviting is your personal style, which is likely a combination of multiple style types!

Discover your style combination, and then catch my hot take on cultivating your Down-to-Earth style (one that’s unique to you) and how to find and implement the design and decor you love in your home.

This is your first step to translating your taste into a home that looks and feels like the place you want to return to every time!

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Hi, I'm Jill - 

I created this quiz to help you identify your style and recognize that combining multiple style types and adding our own mementos, treasures, and special pieces is how we create well-designed spaces that feel warm, personal, and livable. No need to make it fussy, keep it real. The Down-to-Earth Designer™ way (that’s me!). 

Find your style and discover how to make it work best in your home!