Reaping the Benefits of DIY with Meghan Russo

No matter what your career is, or what you’re doing in life, DIY is an awesome outlet. Today on the podcast we’re talking all things DIY with Meghan Russo, so get out your paint brush and let’s go!  

Meghan is an educator, home decorator, small business owner, mommy of 4, and lover of all things DIY and decor! She grew up in Queens, NY, and graduated from St. John’s University with a B.S. in Childhood Education.  Meghan worked as an elementary school teacher until becoming a full-time mom after the birth of her twins in 2010, and then 2 other children in 2014, and 2016.

Meghan’s business journey began in 2016 when her 4th and youngest child was unexpectedly born with a rare foot deformity. The correction process required weekly visits for treatments and surgeries in a hospital halfway across the country. Inspired by her desire to make supplemental income to cover mounting medical costs, Meghan honed her creative DIY skills to make and sell custom farmhouse signs. With a lot of passion and determination, Meghan soon found herself selling more signs than she ever imagined. What began as a side job, suddenly became a viable business idea. In 2018 Meghan founded Wonderfully Made Designsand opened an Etsy shop selling her handmade items.

As her customer base grew, she began connecting with her audience through her Instagram account @wonderfullymadect. Meghan enjoyed reaching her customers on a more personal level, which paved the way for the launch of her home décor and lifestyle blog. This space is a creative outlet where Meghan shares everything from her daily life to her DIY projects and decorating tips.  

Inspired by a community of home décor and design accounts, Meghan soon discovered a new passion in the field of design. She is currently pursuing a masters’ degree in Interior Design at Fairfield University. As her knowledge grows, she looks forward to sharing design inspiration and tips with her community and customers daily. 

I hope this conversation with Megan inspires you to connect with your creativity, because we are all creative in your own ways, and let us know what your next DIY will be!  

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode: 

  • Meghan’s DIY origin story and the reasons why initially began doing
  • How DIY helped ease the transition for her of moving from city to suburban life  
  • The DIY movement and what’s happening right now, especially since COVID-19  
  • Why you just need to have the courage to start small, and go from there with your DIY
  • Her thoughts on setting boundaries on the scope of work you do 
  • The tremendous benefits of DIY that she has seen for herself and others that do it 
  • The various ways that DIY can be used to build community and connection with others
  • Final thoughts from Meghan on why she believes that you can do it too

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