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Add your personal signature to your spaces.

The walls are painted, the furniture is placed, and now your room is useable, but begging for some extra… oomph!

You gaze at your spacious, empty coffee table, “But, what do I put on it?”

In your bedroom, “How do I set up all these pillows on my bed?”

On top of your dresser lies your phone charger, a pair of earrings, and a handful of change, “How do I make it look nice?”

Up the wow factor, lean into your personal style, and create interest and warmth in your home by choosing the right accessories.

Imagine this…

You’re tucked into bed, scrolling Instagram for design inspo – your favorite bedtime activity.

Not even ten minutes passes and you’re already steeped in envy.
That perfectly-organized bookshelf bursting with brightly-colored book spines.
That coffee table with objects sprinkled effortlessly.
The mantle with an eclectic mix of items that must have been sourced from some far off land.
Not a speck of dust in sight.

Once again, you lie in bed fantasizing about these dreamy spaces, wondering how you can recreate this in your home.

There is an art to creating displays, arrangements, and vignettes using your coffee tables, beds, or bookshelves – it might seem like rocket science, but it isn’t! It’s totally doable; I’ll show you how.

You’re going to: 

In this incredibly stylish, totally binge-worthy online course, you will learn how to finally make those pieces you have in your home look pretty.

If you find yourself...

Here's What's Included

Module 1 - Coffee Tables

Chances are you know that beautiful coffee table needs something, but what? In this module, I break it all down to some of my favorite things to put on a coffee table and how to arrange it in "swoon-worthy" fashion!

Module 3 - Mantels

Mantles do not always give us a lot of space to work with. However they are typically a focal point of a room and need styling. In this module I will show you my tips and tricks for the whole mantle including what hangs above it and what sits below it!

Module 5 - Throw Pillows Beds

I know you make your bed every morning... BUT I also know you it's confusing to figure out how many and what kind of pillows to use. In this module I show you some various ways to pull it all together so you can rest easy!

Module 2 - Consoles & Chests

These are critical surfaces to style otherwise they can look bare or even messy. This module will show you different versions of consoles and multiple ways to style them. We will also cover the chest whether as an entry hall piece or any other spot in the house.

Module 4 - Throw Pillows Sofas

It can be a real "toss-up" as far as what to use and how to arrange them In this module I break it all down so you can take one of my all time favorite accessories and change any space in an instant!

Module 6 - Bookcases

All that shelving is just staring at you, I know. And you scratch your head on how to place things in there so it doesn't look like a hodge podge of things. This module covers how you can have a collected and curated look by using things you may already have and how to fill in the blanks.

If you are thinking.. .”Finally! I wanna get all of this done!”

About your teacher:

Hey there,

I’m Jill! I’m an Interior Designer, Wife, and Mom (to two delightful humans and two adorable fur babies), utterly obsessed with design and accessorizing. 

I created this mini-course because I was constantly asked, “What do I put on it?” regarding tables, bookshelves, and chests. Ta-dah! Ask, and you shall receive.

I’m known for my Down-to-Earth approach to design – mixing high and low, and helping your home come alive through the art of accessorizing.

You can typically find me scouring everything from high-end design websites to spending hours in the aisles of Homegoods.

Have fun Accessorizing Your Home in a New York Minute!


*Guarantee: Your room will have your signature, not mine! 😉


This is a course for anyone who would like to accessorize

 your home and add the little details and special touches to areas like your coffee table, mantle bookcases, etc.. 


It is NOT a course that teaches you how to design a whole room.

Not at all.  You can go at your own pace and refer to each module as needed and as you are ready to work on those  specific areas of your home. You can re-watch the videos as much as you need.

You can binge watch it during approximately 2 hours and finish all the course content!

There is no refund available at this time.

You get lifetime access to this course, including future updates.

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