The Art of Living with White with Chrissie Rucker
Image of Chrissie Rucker's book cover, The Art of Living with White for Episode 8 of the Welcome Home to the Suburbs Podcast

Have you been afraid to use white in your home? Today’s guest is the amazing Chrissie Rucker, founder of The White Company, who is here to share how white is both versatile and beautiful, along with the ways that you can approach using it in your home! 

Chrissie founded The White Company in 1994. Today the company, which began life as a small mail-order business, is one of the UK’s most loved and trusted lifestyle brands. With more than 60 stores in the UK and Ireland, along with worldwide ecommerce, it specializes in a wide range of beautiful pieces for your home and family, predominantly in white.

Chrissie grew up in Kent and left school at 16 to study couture and design in London. Her working life began at the age of 18, working for magazines including Harpers & Queen, Brides, GQ, and Vogue, as well as holding a PR role at Clarins.

Renowned for her meticulous attention to detail when creating products, Chrissie believes passionately that, “every single piece we design must stand the test of time and be used and loved for many years to come.”

In this episode, Chrissie discusses the journey she took to start her company and she shares about her two books, which both really show how using white in your home isn’t “drab” or “too fragile” – it’s actually interesting! Even if you like using color, you can also use white, and you’re going to want to hear all the great things that Chrissie reveals in this episode.

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Things you will learn in this episode:

  • What inspired Chrissie to start her business, and the moment she realized she could really make it successful
  • Why she believes that white has so much more dimension than most people realize
  • How white isn’t as difficult to use or look after in the home you may think
  • The three whites that Chrissie really loves using
  • Common misconceptions and where people are getting it wrong about white
  • An important discovery that Chrissie made about styling a home that she made while building her business
  • Our tips and thoughts for using white through the holiday season and what The White Company has to offer for this time of year (and beyond) 

Featured on the Show:

Chrissie’s Favorite Whites:

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