The Undercover Contractor: A Resource for Homeowners with Matt DiBara

Do you ever feel like you need an undercover contractor to help you with your home renovation project and the team you’re working with? I’ve got good news, because Matt DiBara is here today to lift the curtain on all things building and to share his expertise with us! 

Fourth generation mason Matt DiBara mixed his first bag of concrete at age 9 and went on to spend most of his childhood learning the trade, eventually placing second in the national SkillsUSA masonry competition. From there, he branched out to attend the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, where he earned a degree in Construction Management and Environmental Design. After graduating, Matt took over his family’s construction business and relocated to Los Angeles, where he went on to be mentored by the likes of marketing guru Jay Abraham and business tycoon Mike Agugilaro of CEO Warrior fame. Since then, he has built up DiBara Masonry to become the leading masonry and concrete company in the county, working on some of the most prestigious and well-known celebrity homes in the city, in addition to restoring a number of Hollywood’s most famous cultural landmarks. Matt’s true passion, however, rests in educating homeowners by teaching his “Confident Homeowner System” empowering them with in depth industry insight, much of which can be found in his upcoming book The Undercover Contractor and his recent podcast, The Confident Homeowner Podcast. 

As you can tell from this conversation, with his experience in the industry, Matt is someone you definitely want on your side when going through the renovation process. I’m really glad that I got to introduce him to you today, and I encourage you to check out his podcast and all of the valuable resources he has available for homeowners! 

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode: 

  • How “The Undercover Contractor” came to be and why Matt has made it his mission to help and educate homeowners
  • What his Confident Homeowner System is all about
  • Steps for identifying the service you need done and how to define them to your contractor
  • Matt’s thoughts on navigating the different tiers of companies
  • What discrepancies exist in the marketplace when it comes to permits
  • The importance of seeking licensed, insured, and reputable contractors 
  • A heads up on some scams that are out there and what to look for
  • Tips for building out your reno team
  • The inner workings of the industry and how COVID-19 has shuffled the deck for construction companies
  • The importance of maintaining your home and the best ways to do this

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