Transform Your Home Using Decorative Paint

In the words of today’s guest, anything can be painted, and she is here today to share how this is possible in your world too!

Shelly Denning is an Interior Decorative Painter who works with homeowners, decorators, and designers to create unique finishes for walls, floors, ceilings, and furniture. Shelly has been painting for over 30 years, crafting techniques and designs for traditional and modern interiors. With a strong sense of color and texture, she works with custom tinted glazes used for techniques such as strie, linen crosshatch, faux bois, faux marble, plaster applications as well as stenciling and hand-painted murals.

Shelly has an Associate’s Degree in Interior Design, a BFA in Sculpture, and a minor in Art History. Through School, she has taken many classes in woodworking, metal working, printmaking, and color theory and she is very comfortable around all sorts of power tools. Her success is attributed to a ‘can do’ attitude, a bit of research, and a love of getting her hands dirty!

One might say that Shelly’s painting career started as a young child when she set up a shop in her parent’s garage. In reality, she turned her painting abilities into a business right before having her first child by finding old furniture, painting with fun designs to sell at local stores. At one of the stores a customer asked Shelly if she could paint walls, and the next thing she knew, she was traveling around NJ with a ladder strapped to the roof of her car. Mostly self-taught, Shelly has taken some classes and she is very well versed in anything paint, and you can view her portfolio on Instagram, @shellypaint.

In this episode, Shelly and I talk about the possibilities (that you probably haven’t even thought of in your home!) that exist using decorative paint applications. We hope this conversation inspires you and allows you to realize you absolutely can accomplish great things in your home, starting now, using paint!

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What is decorative painting and the applications and techniques used with it
  • How decorative painting has come a long way over time by allowing designers to be more sophisticated in their work
  • The ways in which decorative painting is more cost efficient than wallpaper
  • Some things can do when using it on floors in your home
  • Decorative paint effects on “the 5th wall”, your ceilings
  • Other spaces in which you can use high gloss finish
  • How to approach looking at your paint samples and where you should place the samples to get a true feel of the color
  • Different types of lighting and the effect it can have on how you see the paint color in a room
  • What to know about decorative paint for furniture

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