Using Pattern in Your Space with Leah Keggi
Using pattern in your space with Leah Keggi

I know it sounds scary, but today we are talking about how to use pattern in your home! My guest is the very talented Lead Keggi from Coastl Design, and she’s an artist who’s developed a series of amazing (and affordable!) designs that you can use. We promise you that pattern isn’t scary, and that you absolutely CAN do it! 

Leah Keggi creates modern, coastal inspired art under the brand CoastL Studio. She creates coastal inspired patterns and prints perfect for bringing a little beach vacation into every day. From her home in Georgia (not quite as close to the ocean as she’d like) she creates art digitally inspired by travel and the world around her. Her art includes subtle, abstract prints to coastal color palettes to tropical florals, she enjoys creating patterns for home décor and accessories perfect for turning any home into a modern beach house.

Leah and I would love to hear what resonated with you the most from our conversation and how you plan to put these strategies we discuss into action. You can DM or tag us on Instagram, @jillkalmaninteriors and @coastlstudio. 

For this season of Welcome Home to the Suburbs, you can watch this interview with Leah, and all the other great guests I will be speaking with, on my YouTube channel, 

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Leah’s inspiration for the work that she does today
  • Why you shouldn’t be afraid to use a pattern in your home
  • Our thoughts on minimalism versus maximalism
  • Tips for mixing and layering patterns
  • How wallpaper is making a huge comeback
  • Color threads or themes that you can carry through to the rest of the room [19:29]
  • Some of the nuances Leah sees in coastal design
  • Leah’s own color palette and patterns she is most fond of

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