White and Faded: Deeper Than Decorating with Janet Parrella-Van Den Berg
Episode 91: White and Faded: Deeper Than Decorating with Janet Parrella-Van Den Berg

To kick off this brand-new season of the podcast, I’m excited to bring you my conversation with Janet Parrella-Van Den Berg, as we talk design and she shares what you will find in her incredible book that is just launching, White and Faded: Restoring Beauty in Your Home and Life!

Born and raised in Holland, Janet Parrella-Van Den Berg has been painting antiques white long before it became popular. With her husband Dino, she is the creative powerhouse behind UK-based shop and lifestyle brands White & Faded and Collection Designed by Janet. With a focus on restoring old homes and furniture, they bring new life to everything they do while introducing their clients and fans to stylish, sustainable living. Janet also hosts a digital academy where she teaches interactive online courses. She lives in Canterbury, England.

I hope you enjoy this episode with Janet, I highly recommend her new book, as not only is it a wonderful metaphor for life in general, but it provides wonderful messaging on every page!

For this new season of Welcome Home to the Suburbs, you can watch this interview with Janet, and all the other great guests I will be speaking with, on my YouTube channel, www.youtube.com/jillkalmaninteriors.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What led Janet to write her new book, White and Faded, and the meaning that is
    behind it
  • Why she says there is a transformative power in the colour white
  • Janet’s experiences with antique restoration and what she says can be done
    when decorating vintage items
  • When she says that her obsession with the color white started, plus some of her
    own favorite shades
  • Why Janet says that white is actually the most colourful colour that there is
  • A few of her top decorating tips that you can start using today, and more!

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