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Want to redesign your home?

Let’s make your home the place you can’t wait to come back to.
Every. Single. Time.

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Whether you’re moving into a new space, remodeling, or just ready for a refresh, you will save time, reduce stress, and avoid costly design mistakes – room by ROOM.

You can do this. You can afford it. And you will feel good about it. 


A home that reflects your taste and style

A family-friendly haven that’s attractive and functional

A “down-to-Earth,” real-life approach to professional design that feels accessible and is tons of fun to execute

Real Life Reality Check...

  • Designing a room can feel overwhelming. Of course, you know what you like and can make a killer Pinterest board. But, rather than drowning in a sea of 500 “Ohmigosh, I love this…” lighting fixtures, it would be easier to have a marketplace-savvy pro curate a list of 5 perfect matches for your room, click the buy button and unbox that masterpiece the minute it arrives on your doorstep.
  • Working with a Professional Designer can feel intimidating. The time spent meeting at your home, reviewing giant books of samples left behind for you to browse, the constant back-and-forth communication, ugh! You’d rather connect with a professional designer who is a known trailblazer in virtual-custom hybrid design to effortlessly translate your vision into reality.
  • Premium fees, Longterm Timelines, and Upfront $$ are common annoyances of custom design work. There is still a place for this type of client experience, but it doesn’t feel like the right fit for your project. Instead, you crave transparency, streamlined communications, and a distinctively customized design solution.

I hear you. Let's talk.

Hi, I’m Jill Kalman.

I’ve spent over 15 years as a professional designer working with clients to create beautiful homes that they love to come home to.

But, times – well they’ve changed, and so has the design industry.

The mix of social media, access to really great furniture and fixtures, and the DIY movement have democratized good design – turning everyday homeowners into Instagram stars, showing off their great taste.

And I am here for it.

In fact, my nickname is the “Down-to-Earth” designer because I design real spaces for real people – without the pomp and circumstance (aka stress and $$$) that the traditional design industry is known for.

Using my own virtual-custom hybrid design process, together we’ll produce a space that’s entirely yours.

Not a cookie-cutter pre-made layout.
Not based on my personal taste.

That’s right: Custom, curated choices, based on what you already love or what you’ll discover as we work together.

  • One accessible price.
  • One-hour style consultation.
  • One clickable, shoppable, bespoke design plan for one room.

My Unique Process is called:

ROOM Service

In a ROOM Session, you select a space in your home, and we work together virtually to transform it into a place where your family can thrive.

Here’s how it works:

  • 01

    After your purchase, I’ll contact you to schedule a one-hour kick-off consultation over Zoom. This is where you’ll receive all the important details on getting your design project started.

  • 02

    During our one-hour session, I’ll listen closely to your design woes and wishes, develop a solution, and then create action steps to make your design a reality!

  • 03

    Following our one-hour session, you’ll get a recording of the call, a follow-up action plan from me with all of the information you need, and a custom digital toolbox of all the design tools you need to execute your plan.

A ROOM purchase is for one room in your home. Many of our clients purchase multiple bundles to redesign their entire home!

What my clients are saying…

More benefits of using my ROOM Service

  • Your style, with shoppable options curated for your room
  • Shop on your own, when your budget allows you to complete your room on your timeline
  • Purchase your items online or even locally to avoid supply chain issues.
  • Do one room, or every room – one at a time, so the process remains fun
  • Choose what you want to invest in and where you might prefer to save
  • Save hours of your time with the guided purchase selection