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Want to redesign your home?

You can do this. You can afford it. You will feel good about it.

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When working with me, you’ll find a completely collaborative, non-judgmental and welcoming space. Just like coming home

Throughout the process, I will never try to impose my style. Instead, I create a space that’s YOUR style. 

I’ll listen to your wants, wishes & desires – and work to find the best solution for you and your family. 

I know you don’t want a home where you’re afraid to even sit down for fear of spilling, or scratching, or souring. 

I work with you to create a home that feels like YOU. 

If you’re ready to redecorate or redesign a room (or two, or three!) check out the :

If you’re ready to redecorate or redesign a room (or two, or three!) check out:


Remove the Overwhelm Overcome the Move

Let’s make your home the place you can’t wait to come back to. Every. Single. Time.

In a ROOM Session, you select a space in your home and we work together virtually to transform it into a place where your family can thrive.

Your ROOM Session will:

: Eliminate overwhelm. Sure you can put together a Pinterest board, but pinning 500 images of lighting fixtures will only leave you in a pit of despair once you try to comb through all of those options and, you know, have to pick one. 

: Avoid costly mistakes. Lots of high-end designers charge up-front premiums, and that’s before any design work is complete – not to mention buying the furniture and fixtures and other items you need to transform your space. I’ve created the Digital Design Bundle as an affordable, accessible solution to your design woes and wishes. I consider this bundle an insurance policy – just ONE mistake is often way more than the price of this bundle. 

: Reflect YOU. You won’t find any cold, sterile design options that belong in a museum. The Digital Design Bundle is about creating a space that reflects you – whether you have young kids who might (probably) spill juice, or a teenager who loves to invite friends over, or you’re an empty nester who wants to unwind & recharge.

One room at a time with your customized digital input.

Here’s how it works:

  • 01

    After your purchase, I’ll contact you to schedule a one-hour kick-off consultation over Zoom. This is where you’ll receive all the important details on getting your design project started.

  • 02

    During our one-hour session, I’ll listen closely to your design woes and wishes, develop a solution, and then create action steps to make your design a reality!

  • 03

    Following our one-hour session, you’ll get a recording of the call, a follow-up action plan from me with all of the information you need, and a custom digital toolbox of all the design tools you need to execute your plan.

A ROOM purchase is for one room in your home. Many of our clients purchase multiple bundles to redesign their entire home!

Have design needs, but aren’t sure how I can help? No worries! 

Book a 15-minute virtual coffee chat with me where you can spill all your design dreams & woes, and I’ll happily listen.